How do I calculate the wallpaper requirement for wallpapers with repeat?

First divide the wall width by the roll width of the wallpaper. This will give you the number of strips of wallpaper you need.

In the next step, to find out how many strips you can get from one roll of wallpaper, divide the length of the wallpaper roll by the ceiling height and the repeat. If you replace the numbers in our example with your numbers, this is easy to calculate with a calculator.  

Room height: 2.65 m
Wall width: 5.00 m
Roll width of wallpaper: 0.53 m
roll length: 10.05 m
Repeat of the wallpaper: 0.72 m

How many strips of wallpaper do I need?
5,00 m (wall width) : 0,53 m (roll width) = 9,43 strips >> rounded up 10 strips

What length do I need?
1. determine the number of recurring patterns:
2.65m (room height) : 0.72 m (repeat) = 3.68 patterns >> 4 patterns.

2. calculate the length of the panels:
4 patterns x 0.72 m (repeat) = 2.88 m 

How many panels do I get from one roll?
10,05 m : 2,88 = 3,49 >> rounded down 3 panels

How many rolls do I need?
10 : 3 = 3,33 >> rounded up 4 rolls

From a 10-metre roll of wallpaper with a repeat of 0.72 m, you get 3 strips with a ceiling height of 2.65 metres and a wall width of 5 metres. You therefore need 4 rolls of wallpaper to cover the wall.

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