Can I apply Terrastone on plasterboard?

Terrastone can be applied to plasterboard. Here‘s what to consider:

Terrastone can easily be applied to plasterboard. The plasterboard must first be primed with a deep primer to level out its absorbency as well as possible filler spots. Afterwards, the gypsum board must be primed with a plaster primer containing quartz.

Please note that Terrastone does not bridge cracks. Cracks that occur at the filled joints of the plasterboard will therefore be visible in the Terrastone applied on top. It is advisable to reinforce the joints of the gypsum plasterboards with a strip of fabric or fleece before filling.

The surface quality of the plasterboard should at least be between Q2 and Q3.

Any small ridges or grooves will subsequently be covered by the Terrastone.

Important: Make sure that the joints are sufficiently filled. As a test, you should run the flat of your hand over the joints. If you feel a dent (not enough putty) or a bump (too much putty), you should rework the area. These areas would be visible later in the grazing light due to the shadows cast.