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Can I paint tiles?

Can tiles in the bathroom, kitchen and on the floor be painted over?

You want to paint over old unsightly tiles? No problem!

With the right preparation and priming, all tiles can be painted over. It doesn't matter if it's a backsplash in the kitchen, wall tiles, floor tiles or tiles in the shower.

Preparation of the tiles to be painted:

Cleaning the tiles with Pufas Anlauger.
Thorough washing of the tiles with clear water

Priming the tiles:

Actually, priming with Brillux Lacryl Allgrund 246 is almost always sufficient. This water-based primer is easy to apply, does not smell and is a very good bonding agent.

With both primers, a single coat of paint is sufficient!

The final coat of tile:

The final coat you choose for the tiles depends largely on the exposure of the finished surface. If the painted tiles will not be subjected to more wear than a normal wall surface later, even wall paints such as Little Greene Absolute Matt Emulsion or Farrow & Ball Estate Emulsion will suffice.

For higher traffic, such as bathroom tiles, tile backsplash in the kitchen, we recommend water-based paints such as:

Farrow & Ball Dead Flat
Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell
Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell Paint
Little Greene Intelligent Satinwood

For floor tiles or tiles in the shower, we recommend the highly durable water-based paint Farrow & Ball Modern Eggshell.

Important Note: For all of these paints, they should allow for two coats plus a primer. So here's how:

1. prepare tiles
2. prime tiles
3. prime coat of tiles
4. final coat of tiles