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Can Terrastone be used in the bathroom?

Terrastone is very suitable for bathrooms and wellness areas. As Terrastone consists mainly of mineral components such as lime, it is breathable, has a moisture-regulating effect, has mould-inhibiting properties and ensures a healthy indoor climate. 

When using Terrastone in splashback areas, e.g. around a washbasin or bathtub, we recommend treating the material accordingly to protect it from the penetration of water and soap.

The following products can be used for light maintenance of Terrastone in splash water areas:

terraSkin 4 - Stain Stop can be used to impregnate the surface. The surface hardly changes visually. (Also provides protection against oil and grease. After 15 minutes, however, diffusion takes place and the water penetrates into the material. Frequent contact with water can cause the minerals to be washed out).


terraSkin 9 - stone soap to maintain high resistance and reduce sensitivity to dirt. terraSkin 9 prevents the penetration of moisture and the coating becomes cleanable. Can leave a slight whitish haze and a matt sheen on the surface. Forms a natural protection through carbonisation.

You are on the safe side with the following structure for surfaces exposed to high levels of water (the protection is increased with several layers of different products (natural care in the system):

terraSkin 4 - stain stop with a colour-neutral surface for impregnation against oil and grease


terraSkin 16 - coarse pore filler as a pore-filling sealant to prevent dirt accumulation so that dirt cannot penetrate into deeper layers. This makes maintenance easier and extends the service life of the surface. 


terraSkin 10 (classic wax), recommended for building up a wear layer. This can be reapplied as required. 

We recommend removing the water with a cloth after use. This will keep your Terrastone surfaces looking naturally beautiful.
We also recommend terraSkin 12 - cleaning care for cleaning

Important: For the use of Terrastone in the shower, a special system structure must be observed, which we recommend only by trained installers.