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Farrow & Ball: Which paint for which surface?

With this overview you can easily find out which Farrow & Ball product is the right one for your surface or application.

Interior paints: Wall and Ceiling Paint

Estate Emulsion:
Very matt and extremely color-intensive, a Farrow & Ball classic.
Suitable for wall and ceiling surfaces with a typical Farrow & Ball appearance
Gloss level: 2%

Modern Emulsion:
Matt, smudge- and abrasion-resistant paint
Mildew and water resistant
Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and other high traffic areas.
Gloss level: 7%

Casein Distemper:
Reinforced traditional distemper with added casein.
Very matt
Highly diffusible (breathable)
Particularly suitable for clay plasters and historic buildings
Gloss level: 2%

Varnish Paints: For Interior Wood and Metal

Estate Eggshell:
Silk-matt, hard-wearing varnish
Suitable for radiators and wood and metal surfaces
Gloss level: 20%

Dead Flat:
Extremely matt lacquer
Suitable for less stressed surfaces
Gloss level: 2%

Full Gloss:
Extremely robust, and versatile high gloss varnish.
Gloss level: 95%

Varnish Colors: For Exterior Wood and Metal

Full Gloss:
Extremely robust, and versatile high gloss lacquer.
Gloss level: 95%

Exterior Eggshell:
Very durable, satin finish lacquer
Suitable for windows, cladding or garden furniture
Gloss level: 20%

Floor and Kitchen Paint

Modern Eggshell:
Very durable
Suitable for wood and concrete floors as well as for stairs and kitchen front.
Gloss level 40%

Facade Paint
Exterior Masonry:
Extremely robust
Suitable for plaster and masonry exteriors