Finding the Matching Shade or Colout Tone for a Wallpaper

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For many of our wallpapers, our interior designers have already selected colour tones with which the respective wallpaper can be well combined. You will find these colours below the wallpaper description on the product page (example: Wallpaper Forest Friends).
Our designers have selected colours that are included in the wallpaper as well as other colours that suit the colours of the wallpaper well.

For some wallpapers this has not yet been done. However, we are constantly expanding the number of wallpapers for which we display these combination options in our shop. If you are interested in colour combinations for a wallpaper for which this is not yet the case, please simply send us the form below. We will then pick out 6-8 colour tones for you.
If you wish, we can also send you free wallpaper samples and matching shade cards by post.