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Terrastone as exposed concrete

Which Terrastone is the most suitable?

Terrastone is an excellent material for creating exposed concrete surfaces.
For this purpose, we have specially selected the shades 

- concrete 1 - 61
- Concrete 2 - 62
- Concrete 3 - 63 

have been created. These shades are created in the color spectrum of different concrete shades.

The Terrastone grades Terrastone Original fine, Terrastone Original coarse and Terrastone Rustique give here different possibilities of surface design.

Terrastone Original fine:
This can be used to create very fine exposed concrete surfaces. They are similar to concrete filigree slabs without pores.

Terrastone Original coarse:
Also a fine exposed concrete surface. The coarse material in Terrastone Original coarse here nicely imitates the pores and blowholes of a concrete surface.

Terrastone Rustique:
This material can be used to create coarse concrete surfaces. Similar to old concrete that was created with very coarse formwork boards at that time.

We recommend that you create small samples in advance with our sample sets.