Terrastone Finish: appearance on dark Terrastone

Here you can see how different surface treatments change the look of dark Terrastone.

In both left-hand sections, Terrastone No. 64 has an untreated look. On the right, it has been treated with the specified finish.

Terraskin 1 - Stone Oil:
Terraskin 1 is the perfect finish for dark Terrastone. It has a color deepening effect, gives Terrastone a slightly satin sheen and even makes unsightly light spots disappear. These can be caused by lime moving to the surface during drying.


Terraskin 2 - Sealing oil

Terraskin 2 provides a strong gloss and has a strong color deepening effect.

Terraskin 4 - Stain Stop:
Terraskin 4 has a slight color-deepening effect.

Terraskin 6:
Terraskin provides slight color deepening, but has no effect on the gloss level.
We currently do not have this product in permanent supply. However, we can order it for you on short notice.

Terraskin 10 - Classic Wax:
Terraskin 10 provides light color deepening and satin gloss.

Terraskin 16 - Pore Filler

Terraskin 16 provides a light silk gloss and medium color deepening.

Terraskin 22 - All Finish

Terraskin 22 provides no gloss change and no color tone change.