Terrastone Finish: appearance on light Terrastone

Here we show you how different surface treatments change the look of light-colored Terrastone.
In both left-hand sections, Terrastone No. 64 has an untreated look. On the right, it has been treated with the specified finish.
See how finishes change the look of light-colored Terrastone here.

Terraskin 1 - Stone Oil:
With Terraskin 1, a yellowish hue occurs on light shades. We therefore only recommend it for dark Terrastone surfaces and not for light surfaces.

Terraskin 2 - Sealing oil

Terraskin 2 provides a strong gloss effect and yellowish shimmer
terraskin2 hell jpeg

Terraskin 4 - Stain Stop:

Terraskin 4 provides only a slight change in the surface.

Terraskin 6:

Terraskin 6 provides a slight color deepening and a very slight yellowish shimmer.

Terraskin 10 - Classic Wax:

Terraskin provides a slight color deepening, satin sheen and a slight yellowish shimmer.

Terraskin 16 - Pore Filler.

Terraskin 16 provides a light satin sheen and a slight color deepening.

Terraskin 22 - All Finish

Terraskin 22 provides no change in gloss and no change in color tone.
Terraskin 22hell