Wallpaper made to measure

The following manufacturers offer the service wallpaper made to measure:

Rebel Walls:
Price categories 34,00 EUR/qm, 44,00 EUR/qm or 52,00 EUR/qm
Isidore Leroy: 
Price categories: 58,00-98,00 EUR/qm
Tenue de Ville: 
70,20 EUR/qm
57,20-67,80 EUR/qm for non-woven
76,80-78,10 EUR/qm with durable vinyl coating

Please contact us for pricing information 
Price categories: 34,00 EUR/qm or 44,00 EUR/qm or 52,00 EUR/qm
KEK Amsterdam: 
Normal mural: 40,00 EUR/qm
Mural with gold or metal: 60,00 EUR/qm

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