What do you need for wallpapering?

  • Pencil & ruler for marking wallpaper strips and for marking an exact cutting edge
  • A sharp box cutter for cutting to size
  • Plumb and/or spirit level for the exact alignment of the wallpaper strips
  • If paste will be applied to the wallpaper, you need a tassel for coarse application and a small round brush to brush the edges of the wallpaper
  • A pressure roller for smoothing the wallpaper
  • For non-woven wallpaper, you will need a paste roller, a barrel seam roller and a foam rubber roller for the various work steps. We have summarized the individual work steps under "How do I apply a non-woven wallpaper without excess paste leaking out of the sides?".
  • A bucket for the paste
  • A cloth or sponge to remove excess paste from the front or edges of the wallpaper.
  • If necessary, a special wallpaper table for the preparation of the wallpaper strips