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What is Terrastone?

Terrastone® is a natural stone plaster for joint-free wall and floor coverings made from high-quality ingredients. It is composed of 13 different materials from various countries. Alabaster, marble and other stone minerals with different grain sizes and densities result in a valuable material composition with special properties. Precious natural resins ensure the elasticity and strength of the Terrastone. The coarse Terrastone also contains mica, which gives it a particularly natural appearance. The added colourants are ochre, oxides or other pigments, mostly of plant origin.

Terrastone creates healthy, breathable living spaces, is moisture-regulating and open to diffusion. Odours are neutralised, creating a pleasant indoor climate. Terrastone is breathable and tolerates fluctuations in humidity.

The unconventional structures and shades of the Terrastone surfaces appeal to the senses and continue to fascinate even after a long time. The shading colour pigments give every surface a new dimension and depth, bringing it to life and creating an atmospheric ambience as if by magic.

Terrastone has been synonymous with exclusive interior design for many years. The timeless coating creates a special atmosphere. The original recipe is over 250 years old and was already being used on facades in Paris in the 18th century. Production is still carried out in the time-honoured manner and continues to inspire with creative surface design to this day.

Terrastone enjoys worldwide popularity and can be used not only on walls, but also on floors and furniture. It can also be used as a worktop, above or instead of a tiled surface, as well as in splashback areas. This means that Terrastone is not only ideal for use in living areas, but also in bathrooms and wellness areas. The joint-free design and the use on furniture, washstands, window sills or other storage surfaces round off the appearance. In this way, every room can be transformed into a unique and extraordinary area for exquisite well-being.

The customised technique and the signature of the fabricator make the end result unique. 
Terrastone offers a wide range of natural colours and textures and is given its own individual look through the respective processing. No matter how it is processed, Terrastone creates a special feeling of space. This can be elegant, sophisticated, natural, calming, lively, warm or Mediterranean.

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