What kind of surface protection is right for my Terrastone project?

Generally, surfaces created with Terrastone do not require final treatment. However, if you would like to build up additional protection, we can recommend the following products:
Additional protection for lightly used surfaces:

Terraskin 22 - All Finish
This product hardly changes the color of the Terrastone. It also hardly changes the feel of the surface.
Terrastone for heavily stressed surfaces:

Terraskin 10 - Classic Wax
This product slightly lightens the Terrastone surface and provides good water repellency after treatment. It also acquires a subtle sheen and a velvety-soft feel.

Terraskin 1 Steinöl
The color of the Terrastone surface is intensified and darkened. After treatment, it has good water repellency, a silky sheen, and a velvety-soft feel.
Do not use this product on white or light-colored Terrastone products.

Terraskin 2 - Siegelöl
This product intensifies and darkens the color of the Terrastone surface. After treatment it is highly water repellent, has a high gloss level and a velvety soft feel.
Do not use this product on white or light-colored Terrastone products, as this will result in undesirable color changes.

Terrastone in splash water areas
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Terrastone in the typical backsplash area of kitchens.
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