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Which British or English paint is the best?

Very often we get the question, which of the paints offered by our British manufacturers has the best quality.

Based on our many years of experience, we have concluded that the quality of the paints differs only slightly. In the case of wall paints, all manufacturers offer very high-quality emulsion paints, which are highly pigmented. Due to the high-quality binder and a small proportion of so-called fillers, all paints have a very low film thickness.

The case is similar for lacquers and varnishes, i.e. paints for wood and metal surfaces.

The advantage of the products by Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Paint & Paper Library is our fast delivery. We have all colour tones from these manufacturers in stock in large quantities and have our own color mixing facilities, meaning they can be shipped immediately.

For products by Sanderson, Zoffany and Designers Guild we have several bestselling shades in stock, whereas others must be ordered by us from the UK first.