Can I also wallpaper cabinet doors or free-hanging surfaces?

Here you can find out what you should consider when wallpapering doors or free-standing wooden surfaces such as room dividers.

Wallpapering cabinet doors and other so-called "free-hanging surfaces" is generally possible. However, you should bear in mind that free-hanging surfaces can warp once they reach a certain size. This can be avoided by so-called counter-lamination. In this case, the same material is applied to the reverse side as to the front side. Counter-laminating is not necessary if the surface is inflexible or firmly screwed together. If it is a painted cabinet, it is first sanded and then painted with bonding primer. A water-based primer (e.g. Brillux Allgrund) is recommended here.

If the cabinet is not painted, but consists of untreated wood, a solvent-based primer (.g. Brillux Haftgrund) is recommended. This prevents later so-called "bleed-through" of wood constituents which would lead to an undesired discoloration of the wallpaper.

After drying, the surface is painted with Pufas Wallpaper Primer. The surface can then be wallpapered after another drying phase.