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How do I - simply and inexpensively - make a wall magnetic?

Surface preparation:

The surface should be dry, smooth, clean and uniformly absorbent. Old wallpaper residues should be thoroughly removed to ensure a good hold of the magnetic paint. In case of holes, rough surfaces as well as unevenness, we recommend smoothing and leveling them with gypsum-based filler.

To ensure absorbency evenness and, if necessary, to solidify plaster surfaces, we recommend priming in advance with a water-based wall primer.

Apply magnetic paint:

Apply the magnetic paint 3 times with a roller. The paint must be allowed to dry between coats. The usage is about 200ml/qm per coat. After drying, the paint can be lightly sanded with fine sandpaper (100-180 grit) to remove irregularities.

Final treatment: wallpaper or paint


The wallpaper can now be painted with any desired color or even with blackboard paint. In the latter case, you will have a magnetic wall in your children’s room or kitchen that can be written on with chalk!


Prime the magnetic paint once with a pigmented wallpaper primer.

After drying, you can wallpaper the wall. In this case, wallpapers by Sian Zeng with matching magnets items are particularly suitable!