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Replacing damaged or soiled wallpaper panels

Is it possible to replace a damaged or soiled strip of wallpaper?

Many stains can be removed from wallpaper with a little water, washing-up liquid and a soft cloth. But sometimes the soiling is too heavy or the wallpaper has been damaged by mechanical impact. What to do?

With tiled or parquet flooring, it is usual to keep some material in reserve after installation so that you have the option of partially replacing it in the event of damage.

It also makes sense to keep some wallpaper in reserve after wallpapering.

Replacing wallpaper panels is easier than most people think. The only important thing is that you still have goods from the same batch.

If you still have wallpaper from the same batch, you can simply remove the damaged wallpaper strip. You should not damage the neighbouring strips!

Then replace it with a suitable strip of wallpaper and the wall will look like new again.