What is non-woven wallpaper?

Most pattern wallpapers today are made as non-woven wallpapers. In the case of non-woven wallpaper, the base layer, to which additional layers are often applied during production, consists mainly of cellulose (as in the case of a classic paper wallpaper).

However, in contrast to classic paper wallpaper, textile fibers are additionally added to the base material during manufacturing. Due to this admixture, the finished wallpaper has a higher crack-bridging capacity and, unlike paper wallpaper, does not require soaking time. This makes application very easy: When applying non-woven wallpaper, the wall and not the wallpaper is pasted. Then the wallpaper is simply glued into the paste. Pure non-woven wallpaper, i.e. non-woven wallpaper without an additional vinyl coating, is usually just as diffusible (breathable) as classic paper wallpaper.