What is vinyl wallpaper?

Vinyl wallpapers are wallpapers that have a plastic coating (vinyl) as the top layer.
This coating is applied either to a paper backing (vinyl paper wallpaper) or to a non-woven backing (vinyl non-woven wallpaper).

The processing properties are determined by the backing material.
If the backing material is paper, the wallpaper is pasted and must be soaked before application.
If the backing material is non-woven, the wall can be pasted and the wallpaper placed dry in the paste. Or the wallpaper can be pasted and wallpapered WITHOUT soaking.

People keep asking what the difference is between vinyl and non-woven wallpaper.
There is none!
Vinyl wallpaper describes the surface, non-woven wallpaper the backing material.
Vinyl wallpaper can be either paper wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper.

Advantages of vinyl wallpaper:

hard-wearing due to the coating
Structures can be created using the vinyl coating
Vinyl wallpapers are often very lightfast
Vinyl wallpapers are more impact-resistant

Disadvantages of vinyl wallpaper:

The vinyl coating causes the wallpaper to lose some of its diffusion capacity (breathability)
In the past, vinyl wallpapers often contained plasticisers that were harmful to health. This is no longer the case today. The vinyl wallpapers we offer are European quality products that are subject to careful testing for harmful substances.