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What should I pay attention to when reordering wallpaper?

Rolls of wallpaper that have been produced together each have the same batch number. When reordering wallpaper, you should make sure to order rolls with the same batch number, if possible.

If wallpapers have different batch numbers, they come from different production batches. Either they were manufactured on different production days or come from different printing presses. This can result in the print color shades on the wallpapers differing minimally from each other. If wallpaper strips from different batches are wallpapered directly next to each other on the same wall, these deviations may be visible. However, if you wallpaper one wall with wallpaper rolls from one batch and another wall with wallpaper rolls from a different batch, a slight color deviation will hardly be noticeable due to the variation of light in the room.


If you wallpaper two rolls of the same batch on one wall and one roll of a different batch on another wall, the color deviation will not be immediately noticeable. However, if you wallpaper all three rolls on one wall, without interruption by a corner, the color deviations between the different fabrications will probably be visible.