How do I prepare the wall and ceiling for wallpapering?

Walls and ceilings must be smooth, clean, dry, and free of grease and dust before wallpapering.

Remnants of old wallpaper should be removed without leaving any residue. In order to ensure equalization of absorbency, i.e. to ensure uniform absorbency and, if necessary, to solidify sanding plaster substrates, we recommend priming the surfaces in advance with a water-based deep primer.

To prevent color irregularities in the substrate from showing through the wallpaper, a wallpaper primer can be applied before application. Alternatively, a smooth base wallpaper, or so-called lining paper or maculature wallpaper can be applied.

In the case of very uneven walls or difficult surfaces such as unplastered masonry, rough plaster or wood, the entire surface should first be filled and leveled. In the case of holes, rough surfaces as well as unevenness, we recommend smoothing and leveling them with gypsum-based filler.