What types of wallpaper are there?

Paper Wallpaper:

Paper wallpaper usually consists of two or more layers of paper (duplex). It often has a slight embossing, known as the Gaufrage. However, there are also smooth paper wallpapers. The paste is applied to the wallpaper during its application process, after which a certain soaking time must be allowed before it can be applied to the wall.

Non-woven Wallpaper:

Most wallpapers in our store are non-woven wallpapers. Unlike pure paper wallpaper, non-woven wallpapers do not warp or shrink when cut or due to the moisture of the paste and are therefore dimensionally stable. Non-woven wallpapers are also tear-resistant and crack-bridging. The wallpaper can be glued directly to the wall dry or without soaking time, making application very simple. The paste is applied to the wall and not directly onto the wallpaper, as is the case for paper wallpaper. The non-woven material is UV stable and permeable to water vapor. For more information, see "What is non-woven wallpaper?"

Vinyl Wallpaper:

Due to their PVC coating, vinyl wallpaper is usually washable and flame retardant. Because of these properties, they are popular in hotels, public buildings, kitchens, and bathrooms. Another advantage of vinyl wallpaper is that it can be easily peeled off the wall dry during renovation works. Vinyl wallpaper can be split, which means that the bottom layer of the vinyl wallpaper, which is made of paper, remains stuck to the wall and can be used as a base for new wallpaper.

You can find more information under: "What is vinyl wallpaper?"