Terrastone: repairing damages

White Terrastone can be repaired without any problems. 

Repairs of chipping in dark Terrastone surfaces are usually visible later. In case of light colors, the repair will hardly be visible.

The fact that dark and medium Terrastone colors cannot be repaired so well is due to the following characteristic of Terrastone:

Terrastone gets its appearance and color from the processing process. When the Terrastone is applied and smoothed, it dries at different rates:

Heavily compressed, thinner areas dry faster, less compressed and thicker layers dry slower.

In turn, the longer the Terrastone dries, the more lime particles can migrate towards the surface during drying. The Terrastone becomes lighter in color here. This is intentional over the entire surface and creates the typical Terrastone look.

However, this property becomes problematic in the case of touch-ups. Chipping cannot be grouted as well or not at all, so that the Terrastone becomes very light here.

With white or light shades this is not so relevant, but with dark shades the touch-up can be disturbing.

Therefore, we recommend the following:

1. limit the touch-up to the breakout area.

2. if necessary, you can use a surface finish to match the color of the repair to the rest of the terra cotta.

Here you will find an overview of our surface finishes and their effect:

Terrastone Finish: Optics on dark surfaces 

Terrastone Finish: Optics on light surfaces